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Valentino Rudy was an architect-turned-fashion designer during the heydays of the Italian fashion industry in the 70s. With the concepts of 'Potentiality', 'Creativity', and 'Formative Attractiveness' that he established, the 'Valentino Rudy' label thrives as an embracer of true Italian design.

Early Life
Born in Bologna, Italy in 1931, young Valentino Rudy was forced to escape the upheavals of World War II at the tender age of 9, moving with his family to the safehaven of Buenos Aires in Argentina.

Buenos Aires was at that time prospering as a centre of culture and art and was called "Paris of the Southern Hemisphere." Staying in the city through his boyhood and adolescence exposed him to the great designs and designers of the era, and greatly influenced his later life as a creator.

Birth of a Creator
When peace returned in Europe, Valentino Rudy returned to Italy in 1950 to study in Rome. Then, returning to his hometown Bologna, he began to display his abilities first in the field of architecture.

While being engaged in the maintenance and repair of historical buildings in Bologna, Valentino Rudy immersed himself in the deep cultural heritages of his birth place. This passion got him involved in the construction of new buildings that would ultimately harmonize the sight of the old city. And it is during this period that he developed his spirit as a creator: pursuit of perfect harmonization between elegant forms and materials, by adding unique senses to historic and traditional values.

Foray into Fashion
In the 1970s, after meeting President Yasuhiro Matsuda of Matsuda Co., Ltd., a fashion business based in Kyoto, Valentino Rudy started to be engaged in the field of textile design and made his debut in the Italian fashion circle with the ties he designed.

In 1972, with Yasuhiro Matsuda, the designer announced the "3V Philosophy - Veneration, Veracity and Value" - each representing an aspect of his true self. And with this, he established his namesake label 'Valentino Rudy' based on the design concepts of 'potentiality', 'creativity,' and 'formative attractiveness'.

Leaving A Legacy
In 1997, Valentino Rudy deceased at the age of 66. The dignified and respectable creator now rests in Bologna, which was the one place he deeply loved. Although he did not live to see the brilliance of his label, his design directions have been succeeded by his followers, including long-time partner Yasuhiro Matsuda.

Today, the 'Valentino Rudy' label, given longevity by new generations of creators, is still enchanting people the world over.

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